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The museum wasn’t my first choice on where to work when I signed up for a summer internship at my college. It couldn’t be all that bad. I would probably end up moving boxes, sweeping floors, or doing some menial paperwork. My white button-up shirt and black dress pants were the customary wear for the first day of work. I like to make a good impression even if I don’t like the work. I could relax the dress code once I had met my boss and knew what to expect. I had already been by the museum before to fill out paperwork and to get my name badge. Flipping over the badge, I could see my name, Chris Brooks, and my picture on the front of it.

I took a cab to get to the museum. It was still early enough, and I had an hour before I started my shift. Once there, I went inside to meet my boss. The nameplate on his door read Daniel Taylor. He was an older man in his mid-forties. He looked at me over the top of his rounded glasses as he directed me on what to expect.

“We need to get a new exhibit setup. This month we are featuring Egyptian gods and goddesses. We have a room set up for it. You need to go down to the storage area and find the boxes on this manifest to bring them up to the room. There is a dolly that you can use to bring up the boxes. Be careful with the artifacts as some of them can be quite fragile.”

The way he talked down to me, I knew that I was going to be in for one hell of a summer. His tone was condescending. I didn’t let it show in my voice. I brushed my hand back through my brown hair and nodded.

“Yes, sir. I will get started on this.”

The museum was eerily quiet for this time of day. My thinking is that people didn’t come here for fun unless they were interested in the exhibits. I held the clipboard in my hand. The manifest attached to it had different lot numbers and descriptions of the items.

The museum kept most of the items cataloged so it made it easier to find what I was looking for in the archives. Loading a few of the boxes onto the dolly, I looked around at my surroundings. Off to the side of the Egyptian artifacts, an oak work desk was nestled against the wall. The desk had compartments for pencils and supplies. Drawers were along the right and left side of the des with brass handles. Several papers were strewn over the desktop. What caught my eye was the small figurine that sat on top of the desk.

The figurine was of a woman in a kneeling position. Her legs tucked behind her. She was wearing a white dress. I found a paper on the table that described the dress as a kalasiris. Over her head was a headdress that consisted of horns with a symbol that looked like the sun. Her hands were put together in her lap with palms up. In her hands, a lotus flower. The purple flower looked very pretty in her hands. It resembled a jewel.

My eyes looked down at my manifest and then back at this figurine. Glancing to the notes, I read that they believed it was a previously unknown statute of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It had been recovered after an excavation in Egypt.

“If you are a goddess, why aren’t you on my list?” I reached my hand out, touching my finger against the lotus blossom she held in her hand. I didn’t realize the edges of it were sharp. I felt it prick my finger, drawing out a drop of blood. I cursed as I stuck my finger between my lips to nurse my injury.

For some reason, it started to feel very warm in the storage area. I sat down in the chair at the desk.  Still holding onto the clipboard, I fanned it against my face to cool myself. This was going to be an awful summer if they couldn’t even keep the air conditioning running. Taking several deep breaths, I leaned back in the chair. My eyes stared at the ceiling. Warmth coursed over my body. Was I getting sick?

My chest felt very tight, and my muscles were aching. I might need to go home if I was sick. This wouldn’t look good for my first day. What happened next, I didn’t expect at all. The top few buttons of my shirt burst off of my chest, scattering onto the floor. The pressure in my chest felt relieved after that, but why? My eyes opened to look down at my shirt.

Gasping, my eyes went wide in shock. My chest was no longer flat but very curved. Reaching my hands up, I pressed them against my chest to confirm. I was staring down into a valley of cleavage. My chest had grown out a pair of breasts which my hands were now touching. The lightest touch was sending shivers down my spine. My nipples were growing stiff, erect. Was I becoming a woman?

Pulling my hands away from my chest, I looked at them. They were becoming daintier. Slimmer fingers and hands. My arms were less toned and slender as well. Standing up from the chair, I felt my balance give way. I almost fell over onto the floor if I had not reached out to brace myself against the desk.

My hips had widened a bit, but my waist had narrowed. My pants were no longer able to stay up. The material dropped down around my ankles along with my boxer shorts. I was able to look down past my breasts to see the athletically toned but very feminine curves of my legs. The last thing I saw was my dick disappearing between my legs.

How could this be happening? I’m not a woman. Did this all happen because I touched the statue? Experimentally, I reached my hand down between my legs to feel for my cock. It was gone. My manhood replaced by the smooth mound of my newly formed feminine sex. The act of touching myself was enough to make me wet.

Hooking two fingers against my sex, I dragged them across my mound a few times. Exploring my new body felt better than worrying about why it happened. My feet slipped free from my shoes and the legs of my pants. Sitting back into the chair, I spread my legs out wider. With my left hand, I pushed two of my fingers inside of me. The damp pussy lips parted to let my fingers glide between my pink folds.

“Oh, dear goddess!” I exclaimed when my fingers pushed inward. My legs trembled, shaking as I experienced a rush of pleasure. It emanated from my pussy, tingling up my spine, and then back down to my sex. It was this crazy feedback loop of pleasure that was lasting as long as I was touching myself.

Lifting my right hand to my chest, I pushed the white material of my shirt aside. My large breasts came into view with my stiff nipple visible to my gaze. My fingers pressed into the soft flesh. I tweaked my thumb and forefinger onto my nipple to tug at it. Oh fuck! It was a great feeling to be a woman. I never knew pleasure like this existed.

My eyes rolled closed while my fingers continued to push in and out of my dripping sex. I could feel my pussy clinging to my fingers. This pleasure kept building, climbing higher. A loud moan escaped from my lips when I orgasmed. My legs kicked out on either side of the chair armrests. A trembling quake of pleasure rocked my entire body.

Lost in the throes of ecstasy, I didn’t notice the security guard that approached. I had no idea how long he had been there or how long he was watching me.

“What do you have here? A trespasser? I’m going to have to call this in. What is your name, young lady?”

I was in my early twenties, so I guess that translated into the looks of my new feminine form. Jerking my head forward, I saw him standing there. He was staring. In honesty, if I found a girl like this when I was a guy, I would stare too. Pulling my legs together, I clamped them tightly together as I looked at him. I did my best to keep my shirt covering me. My pants were still on the floor. I would have put them back on, but the guard was standing on them.

Blonde tresses of hair caught my eye as my head pushed forward. Blonde? I was a brunette. My hair color had changed too. It was also very curly with golden waves through it.

“My name is Christy Brooks.” Christy? My name is Chris. Why did I say Christy? I tried it again. “Christy. Christy.” I couldn’t say my name for some reason. Every time I tried to say Chris, it just came out as Christy.

“Christy, you can’t be down here even with an escort or your boyfriend. This area is off-limits to everyone but museum staff. I’m going to have to call the cops.”

There was no way I could get arrested. I had no idea what else about my life had changed. As a female, none of my friends or family would post bail for me. In a panic, I looked at the guard in front of me. His badge said Wagner.

“Listen, Wagner. Um, I can’t go to jail. I will do anything to keep that from happening. I mean anything.” I let the sexual innuendo drip from my voice. I bent over a bit more to let him get a good view of my cleavage. Leaning back in the chair, I even spread my legs a bit to let him get a brief glimpse of my pussy.

“If we are doing that kind of arrangement, you can call me Alan.” His hand reached down to his black dress pants. I hear the belt buckle unsnap and the sound of his zipper coming down. His pants dropped to his ankles. The thick head of his cock sprang out, already erect. The veiny ridges pulsed as he looked at me hungrily.

Even though I was a man only minutes before meeting him, the sight of that cock was doing things to me. My pussy was dripping as I looked at it. My mouth was practically salivating as I knew I needed this. I slid off of the chair, kneeling before him. My slender fingers wrapped around his engorged cock, pumping it between my fingers slowly.

I had no idea what I was doing. It was like instinct had taken over. My tongue dipped out from between my lips and licked across the head of his cock. Swirling my tongue over the tip, I pushed my head further down. My pink lips glided down that rigid shaft. I could feel Alan’s hands placed onto the top of my head. His fingers gripped into my hair as he fucked his cock between my lips. My tongue glided along the underside of his cock.

Alan kept thrusting his cock into my mouth until I felt the warm spray of his seed sliding down the back of my throat. The warmth spread through my body, stimulating me. My pussy dripped with excitement that I was able to make a man orgasm. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, but he was still hard. Licking my tongue across my lips, I let out a giggle.

“I guess it will take more to convince you.” Rising from the floor, I turned around. My shapely ass shaking in the air as I bent over the desk. My hands and elbows laid flat on the table as I awaited his approach.

“Christy, you are making a good argument. I might have to let you go, but you are right. I do need more convincing.” Alan stepped in behind me. His broad hands slid across my waist and hips. I felt the sharp smack of his fingers across my bottom. The stinging of my flesh caused me to let out a sharp cry.

Alan wrapped his fingers around his cock, wiggling the head of his cock between my spread legs. I could feel the wide, mushroom head pressing against my pussy lips. He pushed forward slowly until I felt the wide tip pop inside of me. My pussy was already soaking wet, but having that cock inside of me thrilled me. My inner walls squeezed down onto the cock head. “Oh, fuck! YES! Fuck me!”

Without hesitation, Alan slammed his hips forward to pierce me fully with his long dick. A howl of pleasure ripped from my lungs as I clung to the desk. The heady scent of sex filled the immediate area around us. The smacking of his hips against my ass reverberated through the room.

Alan fucked me hard and fast, pounding his cock into my wet pussy. My face turned so I could press my cheek against the surface of the oak desk. Each push of his cock into me caused me to moan louder. The pleasure was too much for me, and I orgasmed for my first time from a cock inside me. My pussy clung to his cock, contracting and tugging on it to milk his orgasm from that throbbing rod.

The guard buried his cock into me fully, releasing a torrential flood of hot jizz deep inside of me. He pulled his cock out, taking a step back. I could feel the warm drip of his semen flowing out of my pussy and dripping across my inner thighs.

Rolling off of the desk, I gripped nearby chair to deposit myself into it. Alan looked satisfied now, and I knew I felt satiated from our tryst. He smiled as he pulled his pants back on, buckling his belt. “You were lucky that I didn’t have a girlfriend, Christy. I’ll let you go this time, but I do have to escort you out.”

I took a few minutes to compose myself, slipping my pants back on. I had to readjust the belt to fit around my slender waist. I looked about as presentable as I could with my cleavage showing through my tight white dress shirt.

Alan lead me out of the storage area. When he got me to the entrance, he noticed the badge on the lanyard around my neck. “Sorry, I’m going to have to take that too.”

He reached out to take the lanyard, looked at the picture, and then handed it back to me. “I didn’t realize you were one of the new interns Christy. Still, it is better not to do that kind of thing while working.”

Confused, I looked at the badge. The picture had changed to show the female me, and the name even read as Christy Brooks. Frantically, I dug my wallet out and looked at my ID. Everything had changed. To the world, there was no Chris Brooks. Only I knew about my previous life. I was now Christy Brooks, and I didn’t mind one bit. It was so much more fun to be a woman!

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