Egyptian Goddess 3

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James sighed as he listened to his friend Mike talking about the event at the museum. It was a new exhibit called Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. The name just sounded tacky to him. Why not call it simply Egyptian Gods? James crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back in the recliner chair he was sitting in. He let out a deep sigh.

“You can’t really be thinking about going to this thing, can you?” He was dressed in his nice black pants and a button-up white shirt. He already knew that he was going to this event. Once Mike had his mind made up about something, it was very difficult to change it. He would do his best to argue on why they should stay at his place tonight.

Mike was staring into a mirror and straightening up his tie. He turned his head around to look at James. “Yes, I’m going to this tonight. You know I like ancient Egypt as a culture. The history channel doesn’t do it justice. The museum rarely puts up a new exhibit. I went to that monster truck rally thing with you last time. You can at least do me a solid.”

Grumbling at that, James knew he was right. He often dragged Mike to events that he didn’t want to go to. The monster truck rally was the last in a long list of things that he made Mike attend. They had been best friends since high school. There was no way he could get out of this. The few times that he did back out of an event, he didn’t hear the end of it for months.

James took in a deep breath and stood up from the recliner. He smoothed his hands over his dress slacks to make sure the wrinkles were out. “Yeah, I get that. Thought that we could stay here tonight and play some video games, but I can see that I’m not changing your mind.”

Mike smiled as he looked over at his friend. “Video games will always be there. You can do that later. This is a limited-time event, and I want to see it tonight. I already got tickets to it.”

“Fine, but don’t expect me to be jumping with joy at the sight of stone tablets and dead mummies.” James pushed his hands into his pocket. Begrudgingly, he followed Mike outside to where they had a cab waiting for them.

The cab driver looked back at them, asking. “Where to fellas?”

“The natural history museum. We are going to the new exhibit tonight.” Mike sounded too pleased at the sound of that. The cab pulled away from the curb and sped down the street toward the museum.

Seeing the look of disinterest on his face, Mike tried to reassure his friend. “Come on, man. It is not going to be that bad. We get to see some really cool things and talk about them later. If you don’t like it, we can leave early and come back home to play video games.”

James was certain that he would not like the exhibit. The words from Mike encouraged him. He had to smile some as he knew that he would spend a minimum of thirty minutes at the museum before he could drag Mike away from it.

The cab pulled up in front of the museum, and Mike paid the cab fare. “Have fun fellas. If I end up picking you up later, you will have to tell me how you like it. The miss wants to see it too.”

Mike smiled and nodded to the driver. “Thank you. I will be sure to tell you.”

The two of them walked up the steps of the museum and entered the front doors. Mike was immediately in awe at the exhibit. His eyes looked at the various displays. There was a whole section dedicated to Bast.

“Did you know that Base was considered the goddess of protection. People would wear her symbol on bracelets as a way to drive off bad luck.” Mike looked at the statue of Bast that was a black cat with a golden Egyptian necklace that hung from its neck.

James was not too impressed by the exhibit. He often got bored within a few minutes unless there was something electronic that he could fiddle with or cute girls were involved. “Yeah, statues and stone. All very interesting Mike.”

They walked deeper into the exhibit. Now they stood in front of an exhibit of Isis. “This is a fairly new exhibit too. I think this is the first time they have had Isis featured at this museum.” Mike stood before the open display. It was cordoned off from the floor with gold posts and red rope to keep people from getting too close.

A plaque about Isis was at the front of the display. Mike began to read from it. “Isis was the goddess of magic and healing. She was also revered as a goddess of motherhood and fertility. The plaque says the statue on display was from a recent dig. It is an unknown statue which they had never found examples of Isis in this pose before.”

James laughed. “Oh, come on! You don’t really believe all of that junk, do you?” James hopped over the barrier and came over to the statue. “The Egyptians didn’t really know what to believe. They worshiped idols because they thought if they didn’t, their lives would be harder.”

James picked up the statue that was on display. “See, nothing bad is going to happen to me, and I don’t believe in Isis.” He waved the statue around wildly.

“Don’t do that. Put it down, James. We could get into serious trouble if we get caught. Put it back.” Mike motioned with his hands to put the statue back and even leaped at James a few times to try to get him to put the statue down. James jerked his arm to the side to avoid Mike’s grasping hands. The motion caused the lotus petal to scratch across his left arm.

“Ow, shit!” James looked down at his arm. The cut was not deep, but it was bleeding.

“Serves you right for being a dick. Put it back, James.”

James put the statue back down onto the display and came back over the barrier. He held his hand onto his now bleeding arm. “Damn! It cut me good. I’m going to go into the bathroom to wash it off.”

Mike couldn’t believe the stupidity of his friend. They could have been caught and arrested or fined for even touching the exhibits like that. Yes, museums have insurance for priceless works of art, but they could press charges if they really wanted to.

Mike followed after James as he stepped into the men’s bathroom. “I told you it was a bad idea to make fun of the Egyptian gods. You might have cursed yourself with bad luck.”

Standing over the sink, James ran his arm under the water to wash away the blood. He got a paper towel out and pressed it against his arm to stop it. He couldn’t ask someone at the museum for a bandage because they would ask how he got hurt.

James pulled the paper towel away to look at the cut. It was not too big, less than the width of his fingernail. The bleeding had already stopped too. He tossed the paper towel into the trash can but stumbled as he got close to the exit to the bathroom. His head was swimming. He felt dizzy all of a sudden.

James placed his back against the wall, sliding down against it to sit on the floor. It felt warm in here too. He called out to Mike.

“Mike, buddy, I don’t feel so good. I think we should get out of here.” James fanned his hand across his face with his hand in a vain attempt to keep himself cool. “Hell, it’s hot in here. Did they turn up the heat?”

The door to the bathroom opened and Mike was standing there. He looked down at James on the floor. His friend wasn’t looking so good. He looked pale and was sweating. “Oh, wow. You really don’t look good at all. We should get you out of here.”

Mike reached his hand down to take hold of James’ hand. He attempted to pull him up to his feet. James had a silly look on his face as he gazed up at Mike. “Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are?”

No man had ever told him he was pretty. Women had told him he was handsome, but this was a first. Mike didn’t think he looked bad for his age. Late twenties with blonde hair. He wore glasses, but women told him that it made him look smart.

James was no different. He was slightly shorter than Mike with brown hair that he kept cut short around his head. He always maintained a slim physique by working out, but he had muscles. This is why Mike was surprised when he helped James up to his feet. The man felt like he weighed considerably less than he looked.

“Can you walk? Are you going to be alright?” Mike wanted to make sure that he was not going to be carrying his unconscious friend out of the museum.

James let out a giggle. “I’ll be fine.” The way the man was stumbling around made it obvious that was not the case though.

Mike turned around and bent down. “Come on, climb on my back. Let’s get you home.”

Complying with the command, James climbed onto Mike’s back. He put his hands onto the man’s shoulders and Mike hooked his hands under James’ legs to carry him. He walked out of the bathroom and outside of the museum, where he called out for a taxi.

As he stood there, Mike could feel James moving around. Suddenly it felt like he was carrying someone much lighter and softer. He felt what could only be described as breasts pressing into his back and the legs in his hands felt much smaller for a man of Mike’s size.

What really clued in Mike was the long brown strands of hair that drifted across his shoulder and now touched his neck. “What the?” Mike would have dropped James right then if it were not for the arrival of the taxi. He dropped James into the taxi seat before coming around to the other side.

The taxi driver asked where to, and Mike noticed that it was the same taxi driver from before. He gave him the address to their apartment building.

“Alright. Heading there now. I see you managed to get quite the looker while you were at the museum. If I had that kind of luck with women, I would probably divorce right now.”

Mike was not sure what he meant until he looked over at James. His friend was now a full-fledged female. There was no way he was mistaken about it either. The soft curve of breasts. The feminine face. Long brown hair. He was absolutely sure it was James he had picked up in the bathroom unless he was going crazy.

The taxi dropped them off at the apartment, and Mike helped James into the living room. His friend was now more lucid and smiling at Mike.

“You’re so cute. You deserve a reward for helping a lady back to her house.” The buxom woman before him slid down to her knees, grabbing hold of Mike’s pants to unbutton them. She jerked the pants down, gazing at the cock before her.

“Wait, this is wrong. You are Jamie. We have been friends forever. We can’t do this.” Jamie? Mike knew this was James, but said a different name.

The beautiful brunette before him didn’t seem to care about that either. Her soft hands wrapped around his cock, stroking it to get to full erection. Warm lips kissed at the tip of his cock before they sank around the head.

Mike groaned, putting his hand on top of Jamie’s head to hold it. She slid her mouth up and down, licking her tongue along the underside of his shaft. Mike couldn’t argue anymore as this felt too good. His cock throbbed in Jamie’s mouth. His fingers gripped into her hair as he started to fuck his cock in and out past her pink lips.

Jamie sucked hard on his cock, pulling it deep into her mouth. She almost deep throated it but pulled back and let out a gasp for air. “Mm, I think you are ready for your reward.”

The brunette rose from the floor, letting her pants fall around her ankles. She stepped out of them, kicking them aside. Her hands gripped onto the white seams of the shirt, jerking it open. Buttons flew out across the room as they were ripped off. Mike stared at the most heavenly visage of breasts he had ever seen.

Overcome with lust, he grabbed Jamie by the hips and lifted her. Those lovely long legs parted, sliding around his hips. He pushed Jamie up against the closest, thrusting his hips upwards. His cock sliding between her thighs, seeking her entrance.

Jamie reached down with one hand to guide Mike’s cock to her pussy lips. With a groan of satisfaction, his cock found its mark. He pushed into Jamie’s wet pussy, fucking her hard against the wall. The soft cushioned feeling of her bare breasts against his chest excited him even more.

Jamie had been a handsome man, but he was now a very sexy, beautiful woman. Curves in all the right places. The classic hourglass figure that men loved and Mike was loving every minute of it. His cock slammed hard into Jamie, fucking her relentlessly. He could feel the tight silky grip of her pussy hugging against every inch of his cock.

Their eyes met and, at that moment, Mike pushed his mouth against Jamie’s for a deep impassioned kiss. Those legs hugged tighter around his waist, and he could swear he felt those heels dig against his ass cheeks as if to urge him deeper.

A loud howling moan of pleasure ripped from Jamie’s throat, echoing through the room. She trembled in Mike’s grip, orgasming on the hard cock inside of her. The velvety wet walls clung to his cock, clenching and tugging on it to milk out his release.

Feeling the wet gush of Jamie’s orgasm, Mike couldn’t hold out. His cock sank deep into Jamie as he came. Floods of his hot semen poured out to spurt directly into Jamie’s womb.

In the afterglow, Jamie giggled. She brushed her hands across Mike’s hair. His eyes looked at her arms and saw the cut where the statue had grazed Jamie earlier in the evening. There was no doubt in his mind that this was his friend.

“What do you say we stay home next time and do this instead of going to some lame museum?” Jamie slid her fingers behind his neck, kissing him on the lips.

Mike did like the sound of that. He gave Jamie’s legs a light squeeze. “That sounds perfect to me.”

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