Egyptian Goddess 2

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Alan felt embarrassed about catching the beautiful blonde the previous day in the museum archives. Admittedly, he took advantage of the situation but the blonde that he now knew as Christy was more than willing to go along with it. What surprised him even more was that she was a museum intern. She could have said something to him about being an employee. He didn’t mind the outcome though. It felt good to be with such a beautiful specimen of a woman.

Prepared for another day at work, Alan entered into the museum and began his daily routine of patrolling the museum. For the most part, it was a quiet environment. He didn’t have to do much unless there was a persona person was being too loud and boisterous. He spent more time trying to keep kids and teenagers from touching the exhibits than anything else.

Walking around the museum, he saw Christy ducking back into the archives. What was she up todoing? She had already gotten the items out for the Egyptian exhibit that was taking place. There was no reason for her to be in the archives unless one of the directors had told her to get something. He shrugged his shoulders, pulling his belt up around his waist.

“Guess I should see what she is getting into.” He proceeded to the archive door and opened it up to peer inside. He didn’t see Christy right away. He glanced around before going deeper into the room. There were boxes and crates stacked up on shelves. Each shelf was meticulouslyone labeled meticulously so anyone that was looking for a lot number would know where to find it.

Rounding the corner, he saw Christy standing by the desk where he had caught her the day before. She bent over the desk with her shapely ass shaking in the air a bit. Looking past her, he could see that she was looking at the Egyptian statue of Isis that sat on top of the table. Many times, when the curators were doing research, they would have a piece out and would study it to gather more. They should be putting it back into storage when they were donefinished. It was odd that this piece was left out for anyone to come across. It could be damaged or even broken if a person were careless.

Alan started to walk forward toward Christy, but his hip caught on one of the boxes on a shelf. The box jostled, nearly tipping over. Alan had to catch the box to keep it from spilling its contents. The loud noise must have alerted Christy that he was there. Once he had put the box back into place, he looked up to see that the beautiful blonde was no longer there. He sighed to himself. It was a missed opportunity to catch her in the act again.

Approaching the desk, Alan sat down in the chair. He knew a thing or two about the Egyptian gods and goddesses. Working in the museum with nothing to do, he got used to reading the various displays. The statue was a unique piece. Christy was still an intern. There was a risk of theft. He didn’t think Christy would steal from the museum, but they had interns in the past who had stolen items. The lotus blossom in her hand looked like a jewel. It was purple and finely cut. This level of gem cutting was unheard of during ancient Egyptian times.

“Why is Christy so interested in you little goddess?” Scooting forward in the chair, Alan brushed his fingers through his dirty blonde hair. He reached out to pick up the statue, turning it around in his hands. The material of the stone was quite smooth and soft to the touch. It felt like marble in his grip. He placed the statue back onto the table. He couldn’t see anything unusual about the figurine other than what he had already noted.

“You’re a lucky girl, aren’t you?” His finger reached out to tap the top of the lotus blossom floor held in the statue’s upturned palms. Alan winced as he felt a sharp edge cut his finger. He let out a curse, wagging his finger a few times before putting it into his mouth to suck away the blood. The coppery taste of blood met his finger before he felt it stop bleeding.

Alan stood up from the chair, straightening his belt once more. “I’ve got no idea where Miss Christy headed off to, but you let me know if you see her Isis.”

What Alan did not see was the fact that Christy Brooks was standing off to the side behind some boxes. She was hiding and watching everything that happened. She knew what that prick on his finger might mean, and so she decided to follow him.

Chapter 2

He left the archives area to go back to his normal patrol. Walking around the museum, Alan had it made. The building was air-conditioned and he never had an issue working here. He even came in sick a few times if he was not deathly ill. He could stop and take a break and get plenty of water. Thirty minutes after leaving the archives, Alan began to feel hot. He reached his hand up to unbutton the top few buttons of his uniform. Sweat was forming on his forehead.

Not feeling so good now, Alan made his way over to the employee lounge. Fetching a few sheets of paper from the paper towels, he brushed them across his forehead. Opening the refrigerator, he fetched a bottle of water. These were a more expensive brand in a green glass bottle. The neck tapered up to a thin neck.

Alan sat down on the couch in the employee room and took off the cap for the water. He took a long drink from it, leaning back in his seat. Why was it so hot all of a sudden? If it kept up like this, Alan would have to go home and take a sick day.

From the door to the employee lounge, Christy watched the security guard. The man was on the couch and breathing heavily. She could see his chest rising and falling rapidly. His chest appeared to be growing larger. The buttons on his uniform popped off, flying across the room. The broad chest of the man had grown into a large pair of breasts. The cleavage was peaking out from the top of the unbuttoned shirt.

More changes were happening too. Christy stared in awe at the transformation. This manly security guard that she had been with the day before was turning into a woman. She was very beautiful. His hair changed to a beautiful, vibrant red that drifted down across his shoulders. Those arms thinned out to a more feminine shape. Christy could not see, but she suspected his legs got even thinner and curvier as well.

Except for buttons clattering on the floor, Alan did not notice the changes that were happening to his body. He had his eyes closed and rested on the couch. After a few more minutes had passed, he started to feel cool once more.

Opening his eyes, he leaned forward and bent over at the waist to look down at the floor. Long red tresses of hair drifted across his line of vision. He muttered to himself, reaching up to push the red hair away.

“Damnit, long hair getting in the way.” He paused at that. Slender, feminine fingers grasped a strand of the hair, examining it. This hair wasn’t his hair. This hand wasn’t his hand. He sat up straight again, looking down at himself. His body looked very female. The confused security guard put her hands onto her chest, feeling the large mounds of flesh that were now there. Those hands caressed down across her smooth stomach and then down to the crotch of her pants. The fingers cupped over the mound. Sure enough, no cock and balls there. It was smooth and flat as could be.

In a panic, she unsnapped her pants, sliding the zipper down. Her hand went down into her underwear and felt the smooth feminine flesh there. No trace of masculinity was left. Alan was completely female now. She could feel the soft lips of her pussy. The slightest touch was sending shivers of pleasure up her spine.

A finger hooked inward, pushing deeper between her sex. She felt the wet grip of her walls squeezing around the digit. An audible moan escaped from her lips. Alan did not see the door to the employee lounge open as Christy stepped inside.

Chapter 3

Christy walked over on her high heels to stand before Alan. She slipped down onto her knees before the buxom redhead. Her soft hands touched the top of Alan’s legs, causing her to take notice.

“What, Christy? Oh, this is not what it looks like at all. It is me. Alanna.” Alan looked confused. He said it again. “Alanna.” Why couldn’t he say his name? The look of confusion had amplified, and Christy knew all too well what was going on.

Christy smiled sweetly at Alanna. Her hands stroked up and down across Alanna’s hips and thighs. “Shh, it is alright. I know what you are going through. The same thing happened to me. I was looking at the statue to see if there was a way to reverse the effects. I don’t think there is a way to change back.”

“The same thing happened to you?”

Fingers hooked into the top of Alanna’s pants, pulling them down. Pants and underwear came off with no objections from the newly formed female. “Yeah. It did. No point in pouting about it though. Might as well enjoy it. It feels so much better being a woman.” Soft hands pushed against Alanna’s legs, prying them open. The soft red curls of hair revealed to Christy’s gaze. “Mm, she made you a natural redhead. That is so exciting.”

Christy brushed her fingers across the red hairs. Her thumbs perched onto the pussy lips, spreading them apart. “Mm, so deliciously pink too. I have to know what this is like for you. Tell me how it feels.” She leaned her head down between Alanna’s spread legs. Christy’s lips parted to stick her tongue out. The soft licks across her pussy lips caused Alanna to gasp out. Her pussy let out a gush of lust for the woman that was licking her.

Hearing no objections from the redhead, Christy planted her lips against Alanna’s pussy lips. In a lewd Australian kiss, her tongue slipped inside to lick at the woman’s tender insides. Christy had heard that term used once. Australian kiss. Like a French kiss, but down under.

Alanna’s breathing quickened as she pushed her hand down onto the top of Christy’s head. “Oh, god! Oh! Oh fuck!” Her hips rolled against the expert licking of Christy’s tongue. Alanna could feel her legs shaking from several mini orgasms.

Christy did not let that stop her. She kept on licking and lapping at Alanna’s tender pink flesh. Her tongue would dip out to lick up the side of one of those now wet pussy lips before sinking back in. She gazed up at Alanna. Her tongue was swirling inside of her hot box as she admired the beauty of the woman.

The redhead bucked her hips against the exploring tongue, shuddering as she experienced an incredible orgasm coursing through her. It was a tidal wave that crashed out, causing a gush of her wet nectars to flow out and greet Christy’s tongue. The blonde happily licked up the sticky mess, pulling her head back to lick across Alanna’s pussy. She briefly placed her lips over Alanna’s clitoris, giving it a lick with her tongue.

Seeing the pleasured face on Alanna made Christy want to do more. She wanted to make her feel so good she didn’t want to consider changing back into a man. She sat down on the couch next to Alanna, taking the bottle of water from earlier. The neck was thin and tapered. The right size for what she wanted to do. There were no sharp edges on it. This was perfect.

Christy grabbed hold of Alanna’s leg, pulling it over top of her lap. Alanna’s legs remained spread eagle for the blonde. Christy placed the thin head for the bottle in her mouth, licking and sucking on it to get it nice and slick. She moved the bottle down between Alanna’s legs, brushing the thin neck portion with the open bottle top against Alanna’s pussy.

‘What, ah, what are you going to do with that?” Alanna breathed heavily. She was staring down past her heavy tits to see the green bottle teasing against her pussy.

“You’ll see.” She stated before she reached down with her other hand and spread those pussy lips out wide. Christy pushed the thin tapered end of the bottle into the redhead’s soaking wet pussy.

Alanna cried out as she felt the stiff hard glass pressing into her. The sensation wasn’t like the warm tongue that was in her moments before. It stretched out her pussy as it pushed deeper into her. Tight pussy walls clenching onto the stiff glass.

Christy was using the bottle as a makeshift dildo, fucking her new female friend in the middle of the employee break room. She used her right hand to push the bottle in and out of Alanna’s wet depths. Her left hand draped across Alanna’s shoulders to push the soft fingers down into her top. The buttons of her shirt popped open when that hand palmed and played with her sensitive flesh.

A shrill cry of pleasure emitted from Alanna when those fingers pinched against her nipple. Christy leaned closer to the redhead, nibbling on her earlobe. Alanna shuddered in pleasure. Shockwaves of pleasure coursed down her spine to cause her pussy to drip out even more liquid lust.

The blonde pushed the tapered head of the green bottle in and out rapidly, fucking Alanna hard and fast. Alanna let out a scream of pleasure. Her hand gripped onto Christy’s shirt as she quaked in the force of a powerful orgasm. Her legs trembled as she experienced the best pleasure she had ever known.

Christy pulled the slickened bottle out of the redhead and licked the outside of it. She set the bottle aside, pulling Alanna in for a kiss. Her warm tongue slid into the redhead’s mouth, circling her tongue.

Breaking the kiss, Alanna panted heavily. She had a dazed but pleasured look on her face. She looked at Christy, smiling widely. “Mm, that was the best feeling in the world. I don’t think I want to change back, but what about my family?”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that, dear. Everything about your life has changed from this moment on.” She brushed her hand across Alanna’s red hair. Alanna grinned at that, leaning against Christy as she regained her composure. Life was going to be different from now on.

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