Cheating Wives

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Cheating Wives

A few weeks had passed since the beginning of the university semester. Jerimiah appeared to be the typical geek, with the exception that he was tall. Six feet and one inch tall, he towered over some of the other people in his classes. Dark curly brown hair adorned the top of his head. His dark brown eyes went unnoticed by most people because of the thick-framed black glasses that he wore.

Jerimiah had always been very smart in school. The bane of intelligent people was that he got bullied for it. Other people always picked on him for being smarter. He learned to deal with it and shrug it off. In his reasoning, people put down smart people because it made them feel superior. Even the pretty women that he would have asked out made fun of him. It gave him an inferiority complex. He had no confidence when it came to women. This made him shy around people in general and especially with women.

Dressed in a red t-shirt and blue jeans, he swung his backpack over his shoulder and made his way to class. His first class of the day started at ten o’clock. The class was for basic sciences. In truth, he could have tested out of the class because he was so smart. The reason he decided against it was his teacher.

To test out of the class, he had to attend at minimum the first day. That was when he met her. Professor Angelica Evans. She was a beautiful mature woman who was five feet and six inches tall. Wavy blonde hair fell around her shoulders. Jerimiah would describe her as the classic blonde bombshell. She had the hourglass figure with large breasts and wide, fertile hips that attracted so many men. For her alone, he elected to take the class for the full semester.

Jerimiah liked to sit at the front of the class. He found that he was able to see the blackboard better, and this gave him a perfect view of his professor. Putting his backpack down on the seat, he pulled out his textbook and notebook to set them on his desk. Pulling a pen out his back pocket for notes, he sat down to await his professor’s arrival.

The door to the class opened, and in through the door walked his beautiful angel. If this had been a movie, time would have slowed for this moment. Her long, slender legs were the first thing he saw. Her three-inch black high heels clicked on the floor with each step. She had athletically curved legs encased in a pair of black thigh high stockings. Over her shapely hips and wide bottom, she wore a white skirt that came down to the middle of her thigh.  A white, short sleeve blouse completed the outfit. Her blouse with black buttons strained with their heavy burden. Mrs. Evans was quite endowed. Her breasts strained those buttons to their maximum.

Paying attention in class today would be difficult for Jerimiah. He often got distracted by his professor, but the outfit she wore today was rather fetching. The top had a low cut to show off the pale flesh of her breasts and the deep valley of cleavage.

Sitting at the front of the class, Jerimiah had to cross his legs to keep his erection from showing. He was unaware that Professor Evans had already taken note of it. She circled her desk, sitting on top of it. Her long legs crossed at the knee. The tiny skirt rode up her thigh to show the top of her stockings and the slightest glimpse of her thigh before the skirt hid the rest.

“Does anyone know why metals make such good conductors for electricity? It is because they have an abundance of?” Professor Evans stopped talking at that moment, waiting for a student to answer. She held her class notes in her left hand. The gold wedding band and diamond ring combination glistened briefly in the light. Professor Evans was married, but it didn’t stop Jerimiah from daydreaming.

Seeing the absent look on his face, Professor Evans called on him. “Jerimiah, do you know the answer?” She lowered her hand down to place the papers onto her lap. The papers hid the top of her stockings, which broke him out of his reverie.

Snapping back to the present, he looked up at his professor. “Yes, the reason metals make good conductors is because they have an abundance of free electrons. It allows electricity to freely arc through the metal until it discharges.”

One of the other students in the class, Becky Moore, scoffed at the answer. Becky was a mousy brown-haired girl in her early twenties. She wore a black t-shirt with a band name over the front and a plaid skirt.

 “Geek!” The rest of the class packed up their belongings because it was the top of the hour when the class ended.

As the class shuffled out of the room, Professor Evans called on him. “Could you stay after class, Jerimiah? I have something I would like to discuss with you.”

Becky bumped her shoulder into him intentionally on the way out. “Teacher’s pet.” She declared before leaving the classroom.

Chapter 2

Professor Evans slid off the top of her desk and walked up to him now that the class was empty. She stopped in front of him and let her left hand come down to grope right as his crotch. She could feel the huge erection through his jeans.

“I’ve been keeping my eye on you for so long. Smart people are so rare to find. I work with idiots all day long, but you get every answer right. It turns me on. Intelligence is sexy.” She moved her hand up, flattening her palm against his stomach. Her fingers pushed down past the waistband of his jeans and inside his boxers. Her slender fingers curled around his throbbing erection. “OH my god! You’re fucking huge!”

Feeling that warm hand over his cock, Jerimiah let out a groan. “Professor. I don’t think we should be doing this. What about your husband?”

“Fuck my husband! He’s an idiot that can’t find his way out of a paper bag. Please call me Angelica.” This blonde beauty slid down onto her knees before him. Her fingers were unsnapping the button of his jeans then pulling the zipper down. She grasped the waistband of the jeans, pulling them down along with his boxer shorts.

His professor let out a gasp when that huge cock sprang out his jeans like a snake ready to strike. The long, thick shaft swung out to slap her cheek. Her left hand curled around his cock. It looked so forbidden that her finger with her wedding ring rested against his erection. She stroked it a few times before she looked up at him with hungry eyes. “I’ve wanted this ever since I realized how intelligent you were.”

Her red lipstick covered lips wrapped around the head of his cock. Jerimiah moaned with pleasure, putting his hand on top of her head. He looked down to see her brilliant blue eyes looking up at him. Her red lips sank over his shaft, gliding down as far as she could get it. “Fuck, your dick is so big! I can’t even get it all in my mouth.”

Angelica grabbed onto the hem of her shirt, jerking it open. The black buttons scatted across the floor. Jerimiah gazed in awe at her large breasts contained within the black bra. She reached both hands behind her, unsnapping the bra. The cups fell away from her chest, and he got to see her magnificent breasts come into view. They were much larger than a handful. The pink areola with her stiff nipples was a sight to behold.

Leaning forward, she pressed her breasts around his cock. The soft, warm flesh surrounded his shaft. She uses her knees to push herself up and down, letting his cock slide between her breasts. When the cock popped out from between her cleavage, she leaned her head down to suck on the fat tip.

Getting into the action, he started to thrust his cock up against her breasts. He thrust harder, feeling the urgency to cum boiling in his balls. His cock erupted like a volcano. A geyser of his hot white cum splattered across the bottom of her chin and landed on her pale breasts.

Seeing the bountiful load of cum splattering on her breasts, Angelica blushed. “Even my husband doesn’t cum this much. I hope you are ready to go again.” She dragged her finger over her breasts and chin to scoop up his cream. Angelica licked her fingers clean of the cum, wrapping her fingers around his cock to stroke him to keep him hard.

Rising from the floor, she walked over to her big oak desk. She lifted her skirt up to show her black thong panty. “Rip them off of me Jerimiah! Stick that huge dick in my pussy. I want you to impregnate me.” She sat on top of the desk with her legs spread wide, waiting for him.

Jerimiah walked up to his professor. With her making the first move, he now felt more confident. His hand dipped into the top of her panties to get a firm grip on them. He jerked hard on the panties. The flimsy material ripped at her hips, leaving it in tatters. The torn panties fluttered to the floor. He could now see her pussy. Her pussy shaved bare, with not a hair in sight. Her pussy lips dripped with an excited need for his cock.

Slapping the head of his cock against her married pussy, he slowly pushed the wide head against her sex. The large head had a difficult time going inside. “Grab my hips! Oh, fuck me! Slam that dick into my pussy!”

Grabbing onto her wide, fertile hips, Jerimiah slammed his hips forward. The bulbous tip of his cock spearing between her pussy lips to sink inside. Looking up from his professor’s sexy body, his eyes landed on the door to the classroom. It was wide open. The sense of danger of fucking her in public was exhilarating. Anybody could come into the class and catch them.

His cock pushed inside until almost the full length was in her tight squeezing depths. Right as he was about to start fucking her, the sound of a phone rang out in the room. His professor slid her hands over the desk, finding her cell phone.

“Hello, honey.” He drew his cock back and pushed it into her wet depths, letting another inch stretch out her pussy. “Ugh. Ahh!” She groaned out. Her stocking covered legs wrapped around him. He could feel the silky material caressing his hips. Her knees were bent with her high heels bobbing in the air behind his buttocks.

“No. Sorry. Unf. It’s just a headache. A very BIG headache.” She bit her bottom lip, suppressing a moan. Jerimiah thrust harder into her. Her large breasts bounced with that push. Angelica cried out. “Holy, FUCK!” There was a pause on the other end of the phone as she listened to whatever was said.

“It was a ahh. Oh! A big FUCKING DICK!” She squeezed her legs around Jerimiah’s waist, pressing her heels against his ass cheeks to encourage him to fuck her harder.

He gripped on her hips, slamming forward into her. He could see Angelica’s eyes rolling closed from the pleasure he was giving her. Her pussy squeezed tightly around his thick cock. The harder thrusts caused the desk to lunge, letting out a loud screech as it moved.

“They are doing construction. OH! Right outside. Ahh…oh god!” The desk lunged again, causing the cabinet doors to slam open and closed loudly. “You can probably hear the loud banging. OH! Gotta Go-oh!” Her voice turned into a long howl on that last word. She clicked the phone off at that moment, dropping it on the desk.

Angelica gritted her teeth, reaching her hands down to grab hold of Jerimiah’s hands on her hips. She groaned out with each hard thrust into her wet pussy. “Fuck me! Bury that huge dick in my pussy! Cum inside me!”

His professor arched her back, letting out a scream of pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on his oversized cock, squeezing at it. Her silky inner walls milked his orgasm out. Unable to withstand the constant tug of her velvety grip, his cock slammed fully inside of her. His thick cock surged, pumping his fertile swimmers directly into her womb.

Angelica had a very pleased afterglow of a woman that had amazing sex. She was smiling, running her hand through her long blonde hair. Jerimiah felt her silky thighs, releasing their hold on his hips. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, watching a stream of his white seed spill out from between her pussy lips.

She slid off the desk, going back onto her knees before him. “Such a huge dick. My god! I didn’t think they were made this big. You’re so hung!” She wrapped her dainty fingers around the base of his cock, lifting it. Her eyes stared in awe at how big his shaft was. She held her wrist up next to it. “It is thicker than my arm.”

Her tongue slid out to lick across the head of his cock. She worshipped that huge dick with her tongue and lips. That tongue glided from the base of his cock to the tip. Capturing the head between her lips, she sunk her mouth back down over his cock. The constant attention kept his cock erect and hard. Rising from the floor, she turned around to bend over the desk. Her legs spread out to show her wetly dripping pussy.

“I want you to fuck me again! Make sure that I am pregnant with your baby.” Jerimiah had no reason to deny his basic instinct to breed her. He moved in behind Angelica, pressing the head of his cock against her pussy lips. With one firm thrust, he pushed his cock back into her. She let out a loud moan. Her fingers scrambled over the desktop until they gripped at the edges of the desk.

Jerimiah slammed his cock into her repeatedly. His hips collided with her rounded bottom, which jiggled with the impact. Holding onto her hips, he hammered into her harder.

“Yes! YES! Fuck me! Oh god! Such a huge cock!” Her eyes rolled closed. Her legs trembled in pleasure from another orgasm. Wet pussy juice soaked his cock. The tight passage contracted on his cock once more. Jerimiah buried his cock in her damp passage, flooding her pussy with his potent sperm.

Both of them had to take a few minutes to recompose themselves after the hard fucking. Jerimiah couldn’t believe that he had fucked his professor or that she had let him cum inside of her.

Pulling his boxer shorts and jeans back up, Jerimiah buttoned them as he watched his teacher. Her face flushed from fucking. Her panties were in tatters. She had to pull her skirt down and let that warm cum stream down her inner thighs to stain the top of her black stockings. Her blouse still had no buttons on it. She had to use hairpins to keep her blouse closed until she could change it.

‘That was the most amazing sex I have ever had Jerimiah. Hopefully, we get to do it again soon. Oh, I know!” She picked up her cell phone, dialing a number. There were a few rings on the other end before a deep, sultry voice answered.

“Angelica. So good to hear from you.”

The professor sat on the edge of her desk, speaking to whomever it was on the other end. “Tianna. I’ve got a surprise for you. I know you have wanted to get pregnant, and I think I found the perfect thing for you. I know your husband isn’t getting the job done, and I found the perfect dick for you. Hung like a horse.”

Jerimiah could hear a long inhalation of breath from where he stood. This was crazy. He fucked his married professor, and now she was hooking him up with another married woman?

“I would love to meet this stud of yours then. If he is as good as you say, I might keep him for myself. Have him meet me at Kelly’s Restaurant on Main. Four o’clock today.”

Angelica smiled, twirling a lock of her blonde hair between her fingers. “Sounds good. Bye.” She hung up the phone and turned to Jerimiah. “I hope you didn’t have plans because my married friend Tianna wants to meet you today at Kelly’s Restaurant on main. Four o’clock. I think you will like her.” Angelica grabbed onto the neckline of his shirt, pulling him down to kiss his lips. Jerimiah’s eyes went wide when he felt a tongue push past his lips and go into his mouth.

Breaking this kiss, he nodded to his professor. “Um, I didn’t have any other classes today. Sure. I would love to meet here there.”

“Good. Now you better get going. I have another class to teach soon.” She gathered up her things and tried to keep that blouse closed, but it kept opening. Jerimiah realized she might have to go home to change before her next class.

Chapter 3

With a few hours before he had to meet Tianna, Jerimiah returned to his dorm room. After a quick shower, he changed into a white button-up shirt and black dress pants. With a few hours to kill, he did some homework before he was out the door to meet his date.

As it turned out, Kelly’s was a fast-food style restaurant with an American grill theme. The typical menu of cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes. Jerimiah ordered a meal for himself before he sat down in one of the booths. The seat he took was near the back of the restaurant near the restrooms. He kept looking around after every bite of food because he had no idea what Tianna looked like at all. He had only been told to meet her here.

Taking a bite of his French fries, Jerimiah watched a beautiful black woman enter the restaurant. She had mocha-colored skin with black frizzy hair in tight ringlets that fell to her shoulders. The yellow sundress she wore drew a lot of attention to her darker skin.  She looked like she might be as tall as him, maybe an inch or two shorter. The sundress had a low V-cut in the top to show off her cleavage.

Jerimiah had to turn his head away from her beauty, looking back down at his food. He had been caught looking. This beautiful black woman had taken notice of him and smiled in his direction. Before she came over to him, she went to the counter and ordered a vanilla milkshake.

This ebony beauty approached his booth. Instead of sitting across from him, she slid onto the seat next to him. Her hip bumped up against him. “Hello there.” She held the milkshake cup in her left hand. It was then that he saw the wedding band circling her finger. “You must be Jerimiah.”

Being shy, Jerimiah gave a slow nod of his head. Tianna set her cup on the table. Her left hand slipped under the table to touch to his knee. “I’m Tianna. It is a pleasure to meet you. I hope you like chocolate, because I really, really love vanilla.” Her hand glided up his knee until her fingers cupped over his cock. “Oh! Wow! Angelica was right. You are hung like a beast.”

Those agile fingers moved to the top of his pants. The button unsnapped before she dragged his zipper down. Jerimiah couldn’t believe she was doing this here. “What if someone catches us?”

“No one is going to catch us. Besides, I like my milkshakes to be extra creamy.” Tianna pushed at the front of his pants to pull them open. His boxer shorts slid down as well to expose his hard cock. Tianna wrapped her fingers around his stiff rod, stroking it. “Hell, who knew white boys were so well hung.”

The contrast of seeing her darker skin against his cock aroused Jerimiah, especially with the sight of her wedding ring against this dick. She sat there like nothing was going on in the restaurant. Her fingers stroked his cock steadily. She picked up her shake to sip from it. “Mm, I love vanilla.” She put the cup down and leaned into Jerimiah. Her breath hot against his neck. “You going to give me a big load of it, right?”

Jerimiah had stopped paying attention to his food. His left hand gripped on the edge of the table. His eyes closed when his cock spurted out the hot cream all over Tianna’s fingers. There was so much of it that Tianna looked shocked. She brought her hand up to her lips, licking the cum from her fingers. “Hell, you are packing a baby-making canon, aren’t you?”

Blushing from her words, Jerimiah nodded his head. Tianna shimmied out of the booth, winking in his direction. “Wait five minutes, then follow me. Men’s restroom.” That yellow sundress danced against her voluptuous ass. Jerimiah had to react quickly to keep his cock from getting seen. Pushing it back into his pants, he zipped up before sliding out of the booth. He forgot to bring a watch, so he waited until no one was paying attention to him.

Walking to the restroom door, he pushed it open. Tianna had turned around to face him. Her bottom rested against the sink she stood in front of. Her hands perched behind her on the edge of the sink. “So white boys do like chocolate. Come and give me some more of that vanilla.” She lifted her skirt up to show that she didn’t wear any panties. Her brown pussy lips were on display. Two fingers spread those lips apart to show the pink, tender flesh inside.

Jerimiah locked the door behind him. “Yes, ma’am.” He walked over to Tianna, undoing his pants to let them fall around his ankles. Now that his hard cock was unobstructed by a table, Tianna saw it in its full glory.

“Damn! That is a huge cock.” She beckoned Jerimiah over with her finger. “Call me Tianna.” With him close enough to her, she grabbed hold of his cock, stroking it between her fingers. She guided the bulbous tip toward her married pussy. “You’re going to fuck a baby into me. Shoot lots of your hot vanilla deep inside me.”

Tianna lifted her ass to sit on the edge of the sink. Her legs spread wide. She rested her left hand onto Jerimiah’s shoulder. The head of his cock pushed between her pussy lips. Tianna let out a low hiss. “Oh, stretch my pussy out with that big white dick!” The fat head popped inside of her with a bit of effort. Those dark legs curled around his hips. Jerimiah thrust forward, pushing more of his cock into the black beauty before him.

Jerimiah loved the contrast between her mocha skin and his pale white. His cock stretched her pussy, sinking deeper with each thrust. Placing his hands onto her wide hips, he thrust harder. Tianna let out a low moan, leaning back until her shoulders pressed into the mirror.

“Yes! Fuck! I want your cum deep inside me. Don’t you dare pull out!” Her legs curled around his waist to urge him to fuck her harder. Tianna’s hands gripped against his arms. Jerimiah could tell she was getting close from her rapid breathing and her moans.

Hilting his cock deep inside of her married pussy, Jerimiah’s cock swelled. The tight grip of her pussy spasmed around the shaft. Warm jets of hot cream burst out into her pussy, filling her with his seed.

Pulling his cock free from her pussy, Jerimiah could see the trickle of white over her dark skin. His cum was leaking out of her pussy. Tianna held onto his arm so she could slide off of the sink. Going down onto her knees before Jerimiah, she took his cock into her mouth.

Her brown lips sank around his cock, sucking it fully into her mouth. The warm tongue glided along the underside of his shaft. Tianna reached her hands up, pulling the top of the dress down around her waist. Large, mocha breasts came into view with darker areola and chocolate kiss colored nipples. Those voluptuous breasts jiggled with each slurp of her lips around his throbbing erection.

Tianna sucked on his cock with her right hand holding his balls to fondle them. Jerimiah placed his hand on top of her head, slowly pushing his hips back and forth. The rhythm building until he was fucking her lips with his cock. He let out a grunt, cock pulsing once more and letting ropes of his hot cum slide down the back of Tianna’s throat.

Jerimiah felt amazed by her oral skill. Even with him cumming twice in a short time, she was able to get him hard once more in a few minutes. She leaned up toward him, pushing her breasts around his fat cock. “You like my brown titties, don’t you? Want to fuck them?” She squeezed the sides of breasts to form a deep valley of brown cleavage that his cock could glide through.

Plunging his cock through her soft valley, his cock head popped up between breasts. Tianna looked down at her breasts. “Damn.  I fucking love this huge white dick.” She opened her lips, sucking on the head. Jerimiah let out a groan, pushing his cock upward. The thick, creamy ropes of cum propelled from his cock to splatter into Tianna’s mouth. She pulled back after a second, letting the spewing white vanilla splash across her dark chocolate breasts.

Tianna released the hold she had on her tits to pull back from Jerimiah. She swiped a dollop of cum from her breast, giving it a lick. “I hope that is not all the thick cream you have for me, baby. I want more.” She let her tongue dip out, licking across his dick. Her fingers curled around his cock, stroking it. Warm lips engulfed his cock again.

This time, Tianna was working on getting him hard for the fourth time. She didn’t want to leave without making sure she was pregnant. She craved to have that dick inside her again. Her head bobbed up and down on his cock, sucking on it fiercely. Normally Jerimiah would have needed time to recover, but the way she sucked on him and the fact that she was so beautiful got him more excited than usual.

His cock sprang back to life and was ready for Tianna. Before he could pop off in her mouth, she pulled her head back and smiled up at him. She stood up from the floor, walking over to the bathroom door to lean against it.

“Come fuck me hard until you cum. I want you to tell me when you are cumming. Put it as deep inside me as you can.” She lifted her dress around her hips to show her pussy lips to him once more.

Jerimiah came over to her, gripping his cock by the base. He slapped the head against her brown labia lips. Pushing in, his cock head stretched those lips apart once more before popping inside.

Tianna lifted her right leg to brush it across Jerimiah’s hip. His hand reached down to caress along her smooth skin. His fingers glided up from her knee, along her thigh to her hip. Once he had a hold of her bottom, she leaped up to wrap both legs around his waist. Her hands rested on his shoulders. Those dark brown eyes stared into his. “Fuck me!”

Both hands holding onto her luscious bottom, Jerimiah fucked her hard and furiously. The wet sounds of his cock sliding through her tight pussy filled the small bathroom. Tianna bucked her hips down to meet his thrusts. Those long legs crossed behind his back, locking her heels together to make sure he could not pull free.

The married black woman’s breasts bounced with every hard push of his cock into her sopping wet pussy. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, god, YES!” She was screaming out her pleasure.

Jerimiah pistoned his cock through her wet passage, faster and harder. His cock bulged with need. He was about to cum once more. He leaned forward, touching his nose against Tianna’s nose. “I’m. I’m going to cum!”

With that announcement, she pushed her hips down fully, letting his cock plunge into her deepest depths. Her pussy walls contracted around his cock, squeezing on it. The tight grip of her pussy caused Jerimiah to get pushed over the edge. His cock expanded, jettisoning out his virile semen deep into her married cunt.

 Feeling out of breath, Tianna stared into his eyes. She curled her fingers around the back of his neck, pulling him close. Her lips met his in a passionate embrace. That warm tongue slid into his mouth for another French kiss.

It was then that they heard loud knocking on the door. Jerimiah and Tianna blushed as they realized they were caught in their sexual escapade.

Untangling from their heated embrace, Jerimiah watched Tianna get dressed once more. She wet a paper towel under the sink to wipe the cum away from her breasts, but she didn’t touch the leaking cum that trickled down her inner thighs. She smiled, straightening out the dress. “Thank you, Jerimiah. I’ll give you my number. Call me.” She produced a pen from her purse, writing a number on a piece of paper.

Jerimiah pulled his pants back on right as she left from the restroom. The stares that he got after leaving the bathroom were either of disgust or jealousy. He didn’t care. He was on cloud nine. He did notice that a lot of the women were giving him an envious glare. It was almost like they wished that it was them in the bathroom with him.

Five months later

Angelica stood outside of Tianna’s quaint neighborhood house. In her hands, she carried a plate of ham and cheese sandwiches. Her finger depressed the doorbell, which rang out through the house to announce her arrival.

Her desire to get pregnant was strong when she hooked up with Jerimiah. His long, thick cock did the job and planted his seed directly where it needed to be. Her rounded pregnancy bump showed through the powder blue maternity dress she wore to meet Tianna.

The door opened after a few minutes with a surprised-looking Tianna standing on the other side. She smiled at her friend, passing her the plate of sandwiches.

“So good to see you! Come on in. I just finished brewing a pot of tea. We can sit in the living room and catch up.” Tianna was overly exuberant today. Her belly showed signs of pregnancy, rounding out the white maternity dress she wore. Her mocha-colored fingers slid across the front of her stomach.

Both women made their way into the living room, where Tianna set the plate on the coffee table in front of the couch.

“Give me a minute to get the tea.” Tianna left the room, coming back with a silver tray that had a tea set on it. She set the tray down, pouring out two glasses of tea.

Angelica grinned as she watched Tianna. Her friend was glowing with positivity today. “What’s gotten into you today? Normally you are so negative, dealing with Jamal most of the day.” Jamal was her husband. A person that Angelica had heard a lot about during their friendship.

“It’s not what’s gotten into me but what got put inside of me. Jerimiah visited me this morning before you arrived. He left about an hour ago. My god! Sex with him so incredible. He kept going and going. I’ve never been fucked on my marital bed so hard. I’m in the process of washing the sheets right now. If he keeps coming over like this, I’m going to have to buy stock in air fresheners.”

Angelica felt jealous that her friend got to see Jerimiah today, and she didn’t. She picked up one of the sandwiches to take a bite out of it. “I know. He is such a beast. I only wish I could have seen him today. The sex is so fucking good. I cream my panties thinking about sex with him.”

“Oh, I know what you are talking about.” Tianna placed her hand on her stomach. “His cock is so big too! I never knew sex could feel that good. He can reach places my husband can’t. It goes so deep that I think he is fucking my brains out.”

Both women laughed at that last comment. “Let’s hope not. I still want my children to be smart. I don’t need to become an idiot addicted to sex. It is so fucking hard with him. I want to tear his clothes off and ride him in the middle of class.”

Tianna and Angelica reached their hands down to caress their rounded stomachs. They both sighed in happy contentment. “I wonder if we should introduce him to other married women we know,” Angelica asked.

Shaking her head, Tianna responded. “I’m not sure. The sex has never been better in my life. I don’t want to lose him to other women. Give me time to think about it. I like my big cock stud available whenever I call him.” Several more hours passed as they discussed their affair and their pregnancies before Angelica left. On her way home. She called Jerimiah. “Hello. Want to come over?”

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