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Gender Swap, Transformation, Traps, Futanari, Cross Dressing, Cuckold, Cheating, Omegaverse and a wide variety of other fetish erotica. Here you can find links for commissions, custom created stories, links to my ebooks and promotions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me, please consider supporting me by purchasing my books on Amazon or Smashwords, give me a donation on Paypal or commission your very own erotic story!

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Egyptian Goddess A museum intern finds a magical statue of Isis and then discovers how much fun he can have when he is magically transformed into a woman.

Egyptian Goddess 2 Suspicious of the new employee Christy, security guard Alan follows her down into the archives. He notices she is looking at a statue of Isis but she runs off before he confronts her. Touching the statue changes Alan into Alanna and she learns that her co-worker was once like her.

Egyptian Goddess 3 Mike and James prepare to go out to the museum for the new Gods and Goddesses of Egypt exhibit. James is not all too interested in the exhibit and jumps the barrier to touch the statue of Isis. Little does he know that he will soon transform into a beautiful woman.

Futa College A futanari woman in college is tempted by her beautiful gothic roommate Natasha.

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